John Lennon's Glasses, closeup of section of a pair of John Lennon's glasses that I have had since 1979. Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo, Yoko Ono

I Have John Lennons' Glasses! ~

Do you have any photos of John Lennon taken during 1977 - 1979?
Look closely at the glasses that John is wearing in your photos
...are they these glasses?
John Lennons' Glasses
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I need a clear (and REAL) photograph of John wearing these glasses.
I firmly believe that this pair of glasses had been owned by John Lennon.
I believe that it is possible that a fan or photographer somewhere,
happened to get a photograph of John Lennon on a day when he was wearing this pair of spectacles.
If you can provide genuine photographic evidence that shows John Lennon wearing this unique pair of glasses... I will auction the glasses and share some of the proceeds with you! :-))

I got in touch withYoko! (indirectly)

I wrote a letter to Yoko Ono explaining about the glasses (I included pictures) and asked if she remembers this pair of glasses or the incident (described below). I also requested that she pick the charities that would benefit from a percentage of the auction. I sent a letter to her at the address of the Dakota apartment building in New York City and found her MySpace page where I sent the letter to her via email. And I waited...well I didn't really expect any response. Then a few weeks later I got a letter from a law firm in NYC. I opened it up and it was a response from Yoko Ono's lawyers!
In a very short and to the point letter he basically said that "Mrs. Lennon has no recollection of the event...".
That's about what I now I hope to find the person who has the photograph of John Lennon wearing this pair of glasses!
Look through your old Beatles and John Lennon photographs...
At least ONE of them may be worth far more than you thought!

Yes, it's true...
I have a pair of rose tinted, engraved antique 12K Gold frame sunglasses with mother of pearl nosepads
that may have been owned by John Lennon!

John Lennons' Glasses
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(Actually, I don't really want to sell them...
after all, they I believe that they had been owned by John Lennon AND they are really nice glasses...
but I need the money, of course)

I would like to authenticate that they were John Lennons' glasses...
But I can't... because I have no physical proof that they had been owned by John Lennon.
(unless you could test for John Lennons' DNA in the bit of gunk under the nosepads!)
I just have the story of how I came to own them, which I will tell you shortly....

But I need YOUR help!

One of YOU may have a photograph or have some information that can help me in my quest...
YOU may be able to help me to authenticate these were indeed John Lennons' glasses...
... and YOU could earn a portion of the auction sale of these beautiful
and oh-so-cool 12K gold glasses may have been previously owned by John Lennon!
(I also intend to give a portion of the sales proceeds to the American Cancer Society)

Here's my story (or the truth as I know it)...

While attending high school on Long Island sometime in late summer of 1979 my best friend gave me a pair of glasses and said that he had gotten them from John Lennon.
He told me that he had been in Central Park in New York City and saw John Lennon and Yoko Ono sitting on a park bench. He snuck up and snatched Johns' hat (which I presume was not on his head at the time!) and ran like hell. When he stopped to examine his ill-gotten booty, he found the glasses inside the hat.

Shortly thereafter, he began to feel remorse over his impulsive action and,
just as impulsively, he threw away the "smelly old hat" because he felt guilty about it
(I wish he had kept that "smelly old hat").
But he kept the glasses because, after all...they were really nice glasses.

But then he felt more guilt and did not want to keep the glasses anymore.
But they were too nice to simply throw away...
So he gave them to me!!

When he presented the glasses to me and told me his tale of teenage foolishness and guilt I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to part with these beautiful glasses that had been owned by someone we both deeply admired.
He said that he felt awful about what he had done and they made him feel guilty every time he looked at them. So I accepted them...and felt no guilt at all ;-)

I wore them frequently that last year of high school. I often told friends (and girls that I was trying to impress) that they had belonged to John Lennon. There are a few pictures in my high school yearbook of me wearing the glasses with my long hair and attitude.

That was back in 1979...when I had much longer hair and fewer responsibilities.
I now am losing my hair, married with one child (so far) and numerous bills to pay.
And all these years, I've had John Lennons' glasses sitting on a shelf in an eyeglass case, thinking that they could help pay a few bills ...if I could verify/prove that they were previously John Lennons' glasses and sell them! And it seems that due to a 5 year statute of limitations, I legally own them now!

I have more information about this beautiful pair of glasses, more pictures of the glasses, some pictures of John Lennon wearing various pairs of glasses that will be added to this site very soon.
This pair of glasses have some unique features and history to them (including a famous auction house that had them for a month while trying to authenticate them), details of which will be available soon on this website.

Check back here for updates...


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